Payday loans in the United Kingdom

. Many people do not have savings or access to more traditional credit cards or loans, so the convenience of a regulated payday loan offers reassurance in case some money is needed quickly. If you need money quickly, cannot wait until the day of payment and is confident that you can make the essential repayments on the date of repayment; this could be the ideal solution for you. Here are the top 6 payday loans in the United Kingdom:

1. KwikCash

People in a crisis of the timeline can rush to KwikCash to get a convenient payday loan. You can receive a sum of one thousand pounds as fast as two hours at an annual percentage rate of 2670%, which means that if you have a loan of a sum of two hundred pounds, you will have to pay 248 pounds after a month. The maximum loan term is six months.

2. CashCowNow

This company understands the requirements of your payday loan; this is why it has such a low annual percentage rate of 1295%. You can keep the loans up to one hundred pounds to pay your bills for a maximum period of six months and the return.

3. Credio

Maximum loan of up to three hundred pounds can be used in a single day. What makes this payday loan lender ideal is the low-interest rate of the annual percentage rate of 117%, which means that if you borrow two hundred pounds for two months, you end up paying 253.

4. PoundstoPocket

With an extremely low annual percentage rate of 278%, this payday loan lender has all the features you request. You can obtain a maximum loan of up to two thousand pounds for a maximum period of 12 months. Since the annual percentage rate is low, you can easily cover your credit cost, for example, if you apply for a two hundred pound loan for six months, you will only have to pay only 289. Click here.

5. Community Payday

Get a loan in just 30 minutes and pay your fees as a boss. Given the competence, the cost of credit is a little high at 16534% annual percentage rate, which means that if you apply for a loan of two hundred pounds for 30 days, you will have to pay 301 pounds after 30 days.

6. Mr. Lender

The loan approval period is a bit high at three days, but the interest rate is actually low at 2216% annual percentage rate, so if you borrow two hundred pounds for 94 days, you end up paying 302 pounds. In addition to this, the maximum loan amount that can be borrowed is 10,000 pounds and, as such, the repayment period is six months.

7. LendFair

LendFair offers you the most economical offer for a payday loan. The representative annual percentage rate is only 48%, you can borrow an amazing 5000 pounds and can keep the borrowed money for up to five years. By far, this is one of the cheapest options to consider.

8. Wonga

Get your loan in just 30 minutes at an annual percentage rate of 5853%. Keep the borrowed money for 44 days.

In general, payday loans are convenient, easily accessible and offer a viable option for people who need money quickly for any reason. Click here for more information: